Pet-Proof Furniture Ideas for Dog and Cat Owners

by Jane K on October 2, 2018

pet proof furniture

Looking for pet-friendly couches and furniture? If you’re a dog or cat owner, you probably already know that no furniture is truly “pet-proof,” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for people who want to avoid pet damage. Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly interior design ideas.

Choose the Right Fabric

Different fabrics have different durability, and if you’re looking for the best couch for pets, the most important thing to consider is the type of fabric that covers the couch. Leather furniture, for example, tends to repel pet hair; however, it does scratch. That said, a little wear on a leather sofa can still look great.

Synthetic microfiber couches tend to be an especially viable option for pets because of the material’s durability. Microfiber sofas don’t rip or scratch easily, and pet hair is quickly removed with a lint roller.

In general, pet-friendly fabrics tend to have a tight weave. We’ve also found that patterns, textures, and darker colors can help hide some of the pet hair and dirt that can accumulate when your furry friend camps out on the couch. Avoid materials like tweed, chenille, silk, and velvet, which aren’t durable enough to withstand animal claws.

Embrace Pet Proof Furniture Covers

While some people don’t like the extra hassle, purchasing a canvas furniture cover for your couches, chairs, and other living room seating can be a great way to prevent furniture damage. Plus, these covers are easy to pop in the washer to clean and much more affordable than reupholstering furniture.

Practice Misdirection

Some people train their pets to keep off the furniture, which is a viable option for some people and less than practical for others. If you don’t want to forbid couch visits, you can gently encourage cats and dogs to stay off the couch by providing them nearby pet beds. For cats, try to have a scratching post available so they don’t turn the couch into their own personal nail trimmer. Covering the couch cushions with a blanket can also be effective for preventing some wear and tear when you aren’t home to supervise.

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