5 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Dining Room Before the Holidays

by Jane K on November 5, 2018

Holiday Dining Room

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a holiday party at your house this year? These five dining room ideas from the interior design experts at Star Furniture offer solutions to some of the biggest holiday party dilemmas.

Choose an Extendable Dining Table

With an extendable leaf dining table, you can adjust the table to accommodate holiday guests. That way, you won’t have to crowd guests around a too-small table. Plus, once dinner is over, you can remove the extra leaf and clear up some space for socializing.

Use China Cabinets to Showcase Holiday Decorations

Bored of your usual look? The holidays are a great time to switch up the decorations in your china cabinets. In addition to showcasing fall colors for Thanksgiving and winter whites, blues, golds, greens, and reds, you can also prop up family photos and homemade decorations from holidays past.

Remove What You Don’t Need

If there’s furniture in your dining room that doesn’t serve a specific function, it might be best to move it out of the room until after the holiday party. That said, the whole event doesn’t necessarily need to take place in the dining room. You can always place some tables in the living room to spread out the festivities and give everyone plenty of room to eat and socialize.

Take Advantage of Buffet Tables & Sideboards

While your buffet cabinets and sideboard tables might serve as decoration most of the year, the holidays are a great time to put them to more practical use. Use them to hold appetizers, dinner dishes, drinks, or desserts for easy access. Tiered serving dishes can help you save even more space!

Set Up A Bar Cabinet

When you’re entertaining guests, it can be tempting to have the drink station in the kitchen. However, if you’re making an elaborate holiday dinner, it’s best to keep foot traffic away from the cooking. With a bar cabinet from Star Furniture, you can set up everything you need to make fresh drinks in the dining room, away from the bustling kitchen.

Visit a Star Furniture location in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Bryan, Texas for dining room tables, chairs, and all of your other dining room furniture needs. You can also check out our interior design blog for year-round dining room ideas, the top ten most common interior design mistakes, and other helpful interior decorating resources.

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