How to Decorate a Hallway

October 8, 2020

When decorating your home, a lot of your energy likely goes toward decorating living rooms, and dining rooms, and master bedrooms. But home décor extends outside of the main rooms in your home. In today’s blog, we discuss how to decorate a hallway. While it may not seem as important as other home décor, incorporating […]

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Our Favorite Beds for Sale for Every Budget

September 14, 2020

One of the most important parts of decorating your bedroom is choosing the right bed. Not only does the bed often function as the focal point of your bedroom, but it can also be the piece of bedroom furniture that you design the rest of the room around. In today’s furniture blog, we highlight some […]

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Large Living Room Ideas to Try in Your Home

September 10, 2020

Looking for large living room ideas for your home? In today’s blog, we discuss how to decorate a large living room so that it feels cozy, functional, and stylish. Choose Oversized Furniture Furniture scale is incredibly important when decorating your living room. When decorating a large living room, you’ll want to choose large or oversized […]

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How Star Furniture Revolutionized the Mattress Buying Experience

September 8, 2020

For many people, the question of where to buy a mattress feels like a fairly low stakes decision. There’s plenty of mattress stores that feature great prices and a great selection, not to mention the fact that you can now easily buy a mattress online. But not all mattress stores are created equal. In fact, […]

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How to Coordinate Furniture

September 7, 2020

If you don’t know much about interior design, it can be hard to mix and match your furniture into one coherent look. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to only buy complete furniture sets. In today’s furniture blog, we answer some of your home décor questions and discuss how to coordinate furniture the right way. […]

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Which Tempur-Pedic Mattress Is Right for You? [2020 Update]

September 6, 2020

Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping? Make every minute count with our extensive collection of TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses, from one of the most trusted names in memory foam. TEMPUR-ProAdapt Collection Do you wake up with pain from pressure points while you’re sleeping? If so, the TEMPUR-ProAdapt collection may be right […]

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Interior Design Trends Explained: How to Mix It Up with Upholstery

September 3, 2020

Do you follow along with the hottest interior design trends? If so, you’ve probably noticed the recent popularity of mixing and matching upholstery. When done boldly, this trend can add visual interest to an individual piece of furniture, turning a ho-hum chair or sofa into an objet d’art. Or, you can mix and match upholsteries […]

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Guest Room Essentials: How to Upgrade Your Guest Room This Holiday Season [2020 Update]

September 3, 2020

While fewer people will likely be travelling this holiday season, many people will might still be hosting houseguests for the holidays. In today’s interior design blog, we discuss guest room essentials and how to upgrade your guest room. Choose the Right Bed When it comes to guest room essentials, a guest bed is pretty high […]

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Interior Design Trends Explained: Mid-Century Modern Furniture

September 2, 2020

As far as furniture trends go, mid-century modern furniture has withstood the test of time. But even though it’s been popular for years, it shows no signs of slowing. In today’s interior design blog, we discuss the mid-century modern furniture trend and how you can incorporate it into your home. What is Mid-Century Modern Furniture? […]

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How to Make a Cozy Reading Nook [2020 Update]

September 1, 2020

With people spending more and more time at home, DIY home projects are on the rise. Not only are people looking to create more unique spaces for themselves, but they’re also trying to find ways to bring their own hobbies indoors. In today’s blog, the interior design experts discuss how to make a cozy reading […]

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